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5 Reasons to Sell Your Old iPhone

Do you know what your old iPhone is worth? Many of us don’t, and that’s one of the reasons why there are so many iPhones laying around unused in our drawers. We’ve listed 5 reasons why you should sell your old iPhone instead of having it simply gather dust.

iPhone 11

High resale value

iPhones are undoubtedly the best phones in the world when it comes to holding their value. However, you also want to pick the right time to sell your device,  because you will want to consider iPhone depreciation. The rule is: the longer you hold onto an older iPhone model, the lower the resale value will be. 

Even the iPhone 7, which was released back in 2016, will still fetch you a surprising amount of money. Newer models, such as the iPhone XS, will get you much more. This is simply due to the number of models that have been released between the two.

If you’re not sure how much you can make, you can use the Mobilecycle estimator online to find out what you can expect to get for your phone.

You’ll first indicate your iPhone’s model and storage capacity. Then, you’ll select which network operator it’s on as well as the phone’s condition (good, poor, faulty). We can then tell you how much to expect based on these details. 

The amount you can earn may surprise you, especially if you have a device that’s in good condition and is only a year or two old.

It’s an environmentally friendly option

Apple is doing its part in fighting climate change by having an environmental strategy for producing their phones. This includes transitioning to renewable energy and creating a low-carbon design. If the resale value isn’t enough reason for you to sell your old iPhone, you can take the environmentally friendly view and have it recycled.

Old phones that are thrown in the trash and not properly recycled will end up in a landfill. There are more than five billion mobile phone owners in the world, and many of them are upgrading their devices. Old phones often end up being thrown away instead of recycled, creating vast amounts of devastating effects for the environment. Your old iPhone may stay in a landfill for decades, slowly decaying away. When this happens, toxins are leaked into the environment, impacting both wildlife and plant life.

You can therefore choose to give a more sustainable life to your old iPhone if you no longer want to keep it.

iPhone 11

You want to upgrade your phone

If your iPhone is on the older side, you may be missing out on some of the latest and greatest technology found in newer models. You may be looking for facial recognition, a longer battery life or even the ability to take 3D photos. Depending on your preference, you may be looking for an iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SE or any other model.

Once you’ve made the decision to upgrade your phone, you’ll have to think about what you’re going to do with your old phone. While you can choose to do an iPhone trade-in with your mobile network operator, it’s often going to be to your disadvantage. They may only give you a fraction of what your phone is worth, leaving you walking away with little to nothing in your pocket.

If you choose to sell your old iPhone before making the upgrade, you can put the money you’ve earned from it toward your new phone. It can be the best and most affordable way for you to get your hands on a new iPhone. Even if you decide to go with an Android, selling your old iPhone first makes a lot of sense.

Your current phone is broken

There may be something wrong with the iPhone you currently own. Perhaps the microphone has stopped working, the screen is cracked, or something else – whatever the case,  it may not be a phone you want to keep using. Rather than leaving it in a box full of stuff at home, you may want to sell it and make some money off it.

If your iPhone is broken, you have an important decision to make: should you have it repaired or get rid of it? Depending on what’s wrong with it, the fix could cost you hundreds. It’s worth carefully considering if this is what you want to spend your money on, especially if your iPhone is an older model and you’ve already got your eye on a newer one.

Lots of people don’t realise that you can actually sell your broken iPhone. Doing so lets you at least get some money for it, which can then be put toward a new device. What’s more, the new device will be in perfect working condition.

You can sell your iPhone to Mobilecycle in virtually any condition – we’ll still pay you for it. The only iPhones we don’t buy are ones that are water damaged, bent, or have no True Tone feature. If everything works but there are scratches on the screen, the phone is considered to be in “Poor” condition. We’ll pay you even if your iPhone’s a bit more beat up than that and is considered to be in “Faulty” condition, for example, due to major hardware issues or a screen that won’t turn on.

It’s a simple process

With Mobilecycle, it only takes a few minutes to sell your iPhone. We offer free express shipping and free courier pickup to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you. We’ll pay you on the day we receive your iPhone, letting you put the money in your pocket without any hassle. Our goal is to make selling old iPhones as convenient as possible. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to earn some cash for an old phone. Since we pay for the shipping, too, you will always get the full amount promised for your iPhone.

If you’d like to find out how much you can get for your iPhone, you can do so without having to register or make any commitment on our website. You will see the estimated value of your iPhone based on its model and condition. If the price seems right to you, you can proceed to sell the phone to us. If not, you can decide whether you want to hold onto your phone for a little longer or recycle it, thus helping the environment.

What to do before selling your iPhone

After you’ve decided you’re ready to sell your iPhone, there are a few things you’ll want to do. Apple recommends removing your personal information from the device. This includes all your passwords, credit cards saved in Apple Pay, contacts, and more. You don’t want any of this information falling into the wrong hands, after all.

You don’t want to manually delete everything, as doing so will cause the data to be removed from your iCloud (and will also take a while). If you’re planning on getting another iPhone, you’ll also want to be able to download the data onto it from a backup.

Start by backing up your data. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of iTunes, the App Store, and iCloud

  2. Go to Settings and into General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings

  3. Remove the old iPhone from your list of trusted devices

Once you’ve completed these three steps, none of your existing information will be left on your iPhone. You can sell your iPhone with ease, knowing that you’re not handing over any of your personal data in the process. But just to be sure, when we receive an iPhone, we always wipe the iPhone again using industry standard software. 

Selling your iPhone

Selling your iPhone to Mobilecycle lets you get a quote in about a minute. All you have to do is submit a sales form. We will organise a next day collection via DPD for free. As soon as we receive your iPhone, we’ll inspect it and pay you for it – all on the day it’s received.

With so many reasons to recycle your old iPhone, why not sell it to us? Check out your iPhone’s price and sell your iPhone at Mobilecycle today. It’s an easy process and lets you have more money in your account in just a day or two!

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